Traditional Coaching vs. Leadership Coaching

There are many different types of coaching. There is wellness coaching, personal and performance coaching, executive coaching, business coaching, and others; each with different outcomes in mind; and different strategies and approaches to help guide you towards success, and assist you in reaching your goals.

But in traditional coaching, these specific focuses can represent baskets. Most of the time problems and solutions can’t be contained in well defined baskets. Leadership is dynamic because the landscape and problems are ever-changing. Each and every day presents new needs; sometimes for a new skill, sometimes for new language, or even a challenge to long held assumptions and points of view.

The Leader’s Job – Connecting the Dots

Direction, inspiration and courage to change are everywhere. I help my clients find the signals, and connect the dots; sometimes the answers are inside you. Other times they require research and discovery, and at times the answers might be in the random thing you read or something you heard yourself or someone else say.

It’s All Starts with the Leaders Vision

My approach to coaching is to be aware and adapt to the changes, in and around the person being coached.  We work together to build awareness of the latest shifts as they emerge, whether they are in the personal or leadership space, team, workplace or marketplace. Together we design a dynamic strategy that optimizes your leadership and makes the vision come to life.

While we travel along that path, there may be detours. There may be pivots that you need to make in order to find yourself, develop ideas, or adapt to new challenges. But we respond to these detours with energy and momentum, and we give each one the attention and examination that they deserve – while keeping our eyes on your broad purposes as a compass.

Another Set of Eyes on the Journey

I partner with leaders, visionaries, managers, and those who simply need someone to identify direction and address the blocks or doubts that they are facing in their personal or professional lives. My role as coach is to help you see your journey from both a macro and micro level, inside-out and outside-in, utilize my experience in business, mentoring, and coaching to challenge your thought processes – while helping you develop as a dynamic problem solver.

At any time, the experience can be:

  • Eye opening
  • Emotional
  • Inspiring
  • Authenticating
  • Challenging
  • Game Changing

But what it will not be is limited to one specific type of coaching with one rigid type of plan. My role as your coach is to be with you along a stretch of your journey, explore and navigate the terrain with you, and enrich your understanding of yourself and your destination. Give me a call today at 916-768-0072, and let’s explore where you are and where you want to be.


“I have been meeting with John for almost 2 years now. It always amazes me how well rounded of a coach he is. Whether I need help with business matters spiritual matters or family matters he always knows what I need when I need it. It’s like having three coaches in one! Thanks John!” ~Lee H