Marriage is not only about who you are now. It is about how you change together as a couple, navigating life’s transitions and learning more about your strengths, heart’s desires, emotions, triggers, and temperaments.

Over the years, I’ve encountered many couples that have run into challenges in their marriages. For example, perhaps the kids are grown, and they find that they no longer have as much in common. They are still energetic people, ready to engage in a vital marriage, but they need help rediscovering and rekindling their purposes and passion. They need help learning to be there for each other again – and to increase their enjoyment of their marriage relationship.

Or perhaps the couple is struggling to maintain their mutual support given the demands of their jobs, and they need guidance to retrain themselves to make each other a priority while still achieving a work/life balance.

Benefits of Marriage Coaching

As a coach, my relationship with my clients is one of personal and professional fulfillment. While I often work with men and women executives and business leaders in navigating their company through transition, there is a component of all success that relates directly to satisfaction in the home life as well.  Life or work transitions are a great time to renew joint focus.

I work with couples that intuitively know that they can use the hard times to develop a more fulfilling partnership, discover fresh faith in their marriage, and redesign their future.  The truest meaning of marriage emerges in these times. Through coaching, we work on developing many relevant skills and simple tools:

  • Develop fresh vision.
  • Learn to express their true feelings, and re-develop their conversational skills.
  • Develop new listening and language patterns.
  • Understand and find common, and clearer purposes as a couple.
  • Find and reach agreeable mutual goals that are interesting and compelling.
  • Become aware of each other’s and their own emotional triggers
  • Understand each other’s strengths, and how to leverage them in a dynamic way.

Marriages can develop “we “ core beliefs, goals and routines, and develop habits that sustain good relationships, and picture and plan a future together – especially important when they know they are losing their vision of the future in their relationship.

I also work with new couples to help them picture and plan their future together, and senior partners that are hoping to figure out how to transition through retirement as a team.

Why Consider Marriage Coaching?

While marriage counseling works well on how the past effects the present, and untangling emotional and communication complications – marriage coaching is focused on learning to move from the present into a future together.  During and after coaching, couples:

  • Exhibit more genuine affection towards each other.
  • Understand each other’s perspective.
  • Become fans and respecters of each other’s strengths and differences.
  • Develop patterns of joint perseverance in crisis.
  • Become unafraid of truth and personal growth.
  • Learn how to solve problems and make decisions as a team.
  • Recognize triggers and practice new ways of listening.
  • Know how and when to stoke the fires and move towards what the heart desires.

My marriage coaching services usually take place in person, or in person via phone support, FaceTime, or Skype at the preference of the couple. I support couples in both the Greater Sacramento area and the North San Francisco Bay Area, able to meet clients in areas across Northern California, including Roseville, Folsom, Sausalito, Petaluma – surrounding my two service areas.

Marriage coaching can be both an important element of work transition coaching experience, or a standalone service for those who would like guidance in their marriage or relationship. Let’s meet, get to know each other, and discuss what road is ahead. Please call me today at 916-768-0072, or fill out the form and we’ll connect soon.