Everyone has their own personal journey. Each and every one of us has our own path, our own destiny, and our own goals. Yet the path to achieving those goals – and the fulfillment that comes with them – is never a simple one. Each time there are new forks in the road you will need to choose the path best suited to bring you contentment, success, and accomplishment.

It is my role as a personal coach to help you find the guidance and vision you need for your transformative journey. I become a partner in your journey, standing by you to help you figure out your direction, forge your path, and help you gain clarity along the way. I do this using a variety of different strategies, including:

  • Life Planning – Together, we create a picture and a plan for a happier, more fulfilling, and a more balanced life where you are able to realize your personal dreams.
  • Identifying Your Inner Drivers – These include your core beliefs, your motivations, your habits, your strengths, and your life purpose. We work together to get to know you on a level that is enlightening for even the most introspective of individuals.
  • Developing Awareness – Together, we’ll work to find deeper levels of personal awareness and self-management, helping you identify your implicit and explicit emotions, biases, concerns, and finding ways to overcome them to be the person you want to be.
  • Navigating Transitions – No one’s journey is a straight line. As you go through life transitions, such as moving from single to married, from newlywed to parent, from manager to executive, or new career situations, we’ll help you understand your emotions, see if they have altered your goals, and help you develop new mindsets, points of view and a new path.
  • Creating Positive Habits – It’s not uncommon to find that you have developed negative habits, trends, and subconscious reactions to events. We work together to take away the power of those distractions, and self-sabotaging behaviors and replace them with positive habits.

My time is spent in North Bay, helping those in areas like Petaluma, San Rafael, Novato, and Sausalito. I also forge relationships with leaders in both the San Francisco Bay area and the Greater Sacramento area. My role as a personal journey coach is to be someone who acts as a sounding board, option developer, and catalyst to self motivation in your life.

Coaching is about helping you achieve the best version of “you” that you can, and with personal journey coaching, we’ll make sure that you are always moving in the right direction for your own personal and professional growth. Call me today at 916-768-0072 to get started.


“John’s coaching has provided me with clarity around my strengths and challenges, supporting my growth as I endeavor into a whole new realm of work-life balance. 
John’s diverse experience allows him to provide keen insight into areas of my personal and professional life. As I seek to create a new career path, John’s directed inquiries and coaching have helped me to gain traction and make progress toward my goals and aspirations.
I have spent almost 2 years seeking clarity and direction to find my new path. In the past 6 months, John’s coaching has supported a measurable movement forward. I would highly recommend him as a life and professional coach.” ~Jeanne M.