Two of the most important components of coaching are recognizing your internal motivations and tapping into high performance patterns. These components help you understand your relationship to your work, redirect your energy and practice toward more productive results. Aligning your feelings around your goals and unique wiring help you make the most of your time and unique strengths. Throughout this type of coaching, we find pragmatic answers to questions like the following:

  • What is it that energizes and enrolls you?
  • What gets you into focus and flow?
  • What results can sustain and build your performance momentum?

What is Personal Performance Coaching?

Performance coaching is about energy and mood management, changing internal motivation, and creating productive work flow, including establishing internal accountability. In addition, it is about assessing what’s stopping you from developing options when stuck, connecting with others, and handling roadblocks. We look at some key skills such as:

  • Your ability to communicate with others.
  • Your ability to make decisions.
  • How well you think creatively and optimize your resources.

Many people choose personal performance coaching specifically because they want to move up in their company or be more efficient and productive in their career, and they want to take themselves to new levels of capability and intensity. My Northern California performance coaching is designed to find these issues and discover solutions that help keep you invigorated towards your goals and tasks.

What’s Included in Personal Performance Coaching?

Coaching is an adaptable profession, so together, we’ll discover and practice the strategies we need to take to help you find these motivations. Included in performance coaching we may place emphasis on:

  • Clear identification of performance drivers and areas of improvement.
  • Understanding your personal high performance patterns.
  • SMART goal setting, as well as pragmatic time management techniques.
  • Learning the basics of self-management and neuroscience to understand your thoughts/mind.
  • Performance training and rehearsal in the areas where change is required.
  • Strength leveraging and creating supportive structures to back you.
  • Exchanging old work habits for new habits that can become platforms for creating results.

Personal performance coaching is there to help you gain greater understanding and clarity about yourself, and also determine how to take what you’ve learned and turn it into professional working energy. For more information about performance coaching in the San Francisco Bay area or the Sacramento area, please call me today at 916-768-0072.


“John Houghton has successfully coached me to being the #1 real estate agent out of 1400 agents and 21 offices  and writing an inspirational book. But…that wasn’t the goal. The goal was to #Enjoythejourney along the way. And we keep meeting that goal as well. What I love about John’s coaching is he asks probing questions that draw out the wisdom already resident inside. I wholeheartedly recommend John Houghton and believe you will come to #RecognizeHisSignificance in your business and personal life as I did in mine and continue to do so six years later.” ~Rodney J.