Throughout your professional career, you’ll find that you go through some incredible shifts of responsibility. One of the most uncomfortable is moving from a position showcasing strong technical skills, such as salesman, technician, doctor, programmer, plumber, writer, agent, etc., to a management position that requires a very different skillset.

It’s a shift of focus that involves moving from expertise, skills, and ability, to the mindset and responsibilities of a manager:

  • Leadership
  • Decision Making
  • Oversight

Your expertise is what got you these new opportunities – and you do deserve them. But being a manager involves fresh learning and new skills. As an experienced manager, leader, and coach, one of the services that I am happiest to provide is basic management training and mentoring, to help those going through this transition navigate its challenges and make the most from their new opportunities.

What is Involved in Management Training?

My management training service is performed in a one-on-one individualized environment, where we work on problem solving and many different strategies to help continue your professional growth and ease you into the leadership transition. Some of the activities we will work on together include:

  • Planning – Turning your picture or idea of what you want into a plan that can be managed to get results.
  • Organization – Finding out how to organize work effectively, create efficient work flow, and stay on top of the progress.
  • Communication – We’ll look at how to communicate, when and with whom, and resolve conflicts.
  • Direction – We’ll talk about when and how to delegate, lead action, and get input.
  • Progress – Together, we’ll explore how to reach milestones and timelines, and measure results.

We’ll also do a lot of personal exploration, to help you discover the answers inside of you and be able to trust in your own instincts. We’ll help you become more aware of yourself, your habits, your management style, and give you insight into how to optimize your position.

Management Training and Support in the North Bay

I focus my time between the SF North Bay area, working with new leaders going through important transitions with services that include management mentoring, management training, and leadership support. If you’re interested in learning more about these and other services, or you’d like to consider them for someone on staff that is going through a transition, please contact me today at 916-768-0072.