Your decisions as a leader can have a lasting impact on the long term success of the company. Every idea you have and every plan you create can affect your business, from top to bottom in long lasting ways. Every choice you make creates a ripple in the water that, depending on the decision, creates positive or negative impact to your company’s momentum.

These are only some of the challenges that executives and business leaders face every day. Your productivity and problem solving skills have immense gravity, and this can lead to pressure, issues with performance, and difficulty making the decisions that are most in line with your values.

Introduction to Executive Coaching

Supported by Forbes, Harvard Business Review, 40% of Fortune 500 company CEOs, and more, executive coaching has become one of the most highly recommended services for business leaders. Executive coaching is a personalized form of performance coaching that is tailored to the needs and challenges of the business executive.

Executive coaching is about helping you determine your motivations, what’s driving your decisions, developing creative options for leading, and learning skills that facilitate a less stressful business life. In the past 10 years, I have worked with executives from leading businesses in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento, and we have found ways to identify opportunity, aid in leading teams, maximize departmental performance, determine a more efficient company leadership hierarchy, and more.

What’s Included in Executive Coaching?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to any type of coaching, but executive coaching is especially open for the individual. We’ll adapt coaching to the direction you need to take, and the issues that we discover need to be addressed. Within executive coaching, you can expect the following:

  • Recognizing how your position and decisions affect the overall company strategy.
  • Identifying, implementing, and measuring results in the areas of your responsibility.
  • Creating and co-creating a plan to achieve the results you play a role in affecting.
  • Applying strategic thinking and management skills to your decisions.
  • Fostering a culture of cooperation, communication, and creativity in the office.
  • Promoting leadership strengths and determining how to maximize their effect.
  • Bolstering job-specific functions, such as recruitment, investment, and more.

My approach to coaching is also adaptive to your specific needs and life challenges. The lines between personal and professional are often blurred, so if there are any outside issues affecting your executive decision making, focus, etc., we’ll make sure to address those as well.

Executive Coaching in Northern California

Executive coaching has quickly become one of the leading and most successful trends for becoming a better leader. For those interested in learning more about my executive coaching services, please call me today at 916-768-0072.


“John Houghton began meeting with the owners of Eye Center Optometric in 2013.  At that time we lacked clear vision and focus as to where our business needed to go.  We knew we needed financial stability and wanted to grow, but how to do that and how it should look was lacking.  John has coached each of the partners since 2013.  Under his coaching our management style has changed dramatically, our vision for the company has become clear and he is helping us chart the path to realize that vision.  I do not believe we could have done this without John.” ~Palmer L.