Business coaching is more than a trend. Across Northern California, more and more managers, executives, and business owners are turning to business coaching to help drive direction for their business, address organizational concerns, make strategic decisions, and evaluating personal and professional issues that may be affecting the workplace.

I am based in the North Bay area, working with leaders in Petaluma, Novato, Sausalito, and San Rafael, providing business coaching and executive coaching services. Previously in Sacramento and a short drive from San Francisco, I also work with local business leaders in need of guidance.

My role is to be a coach, mentor, and partner who can assist you with making better business decisions, evaluating yourself and the priorities of your leadership, and looking for potential strategic opportunities in your marketplace.

My Business Coaching Services

Business coaching is tailored to your professional (and sometimes personal) needs, and can be adapted to meet the challenges and goals that you have in your life right now. Often times there are specific strategies that we’ll use within business coaching, including:

  • Strategic Initiative Development – We will look at your goals and your vision and discover how to turn those ideas into practice. We’ll also review how your business is currently operating and see if we can address any discrepancies.
  • Repositioning – We will review your products and services, and if necessary discuss the idea of bringing new products and services to market and what that would take.
  • Addressing the Customer Experience – We will look at how you’re evaluating and addressing the customer experience, as well as how your product or service solutions are meeting the market.

As a business professional who has years of past leadership experience, I bring that experience with me to each one of my clients, and do whatever it takes to assist not only your business – but your own professional needs as well.

Contact Me Today to Discuss My Business Coaching Services

I have worked with some of the leading executives and owners in Northern California, and I would love an opportunity to meet with you and discuss business coaching and related solutions.


“John Houghton began meeting with the owners of Eye Center Optometric in 2013.  At that time we lacked clear vision and focus as to where our business needed to go.  We knew we needed financial stability and wanted to grow, but how to do that and how it should look was lacking.  John has coached each of the partners since 2013.  Under his coaching our management style has changed dramatically, our vision for the company has become clear and he is helping us chart the path to realize that vision.  I do not believe we could have done this without John.” ~Palmer L.