Coaching that’s truly transformational is difficult to put in any specific box. Coaching is adaptive – it strategically adjusts to who you are, what you need, and where you are in your transitions and along your journey.

Throughout my career as a management, business, and personal coach, I’ve found that each and every client and team has their own unique individual needs, and to be valuable as a coach, my job is to be there to help with those needs no matter what they may be.

Yet there are many different forms of coaching, and depending on where you are in life right now, you may be looking for a specific type of coaching experience. The following are a selection of specific coaching services that I am happy to provide:

  • Personal Journey Coaching – Each person has their own personal and professional journey. It is my role to help you through transitions, find direction, live from purpose, and understand your greatest self.
  • Personal Performance Coaching – For many, something holds them back from reaching their goals and operating from the best version of themselves. Together, we find whatever insight, energy, focus, drive, or skill provides new breakthrough
  • Executive Coaching – There are many different challenges to executive leadership. Using my experience as an executive, I help coach you towards better decisions and planning.
  • Management Training and Mentoring – Leadership is something you can learn. I’ll work with new executives and managers to provide insight into the management world.
  • Business Coaching – Over 40% of Fortune 500 executives and managers use coaches. My business coaching services are for leaders in all types of business settings – who want fresh eyes, breakthrough ideas and proactive development.

I actively develop coaching relationships with leaders in two locations: the San Francisco Bay area and the Greater Sacramento area. I travel to nearby SF North Bay cities like Sausalito, San Rafael, Novato, and Petaluma. Formerly based in the Sacramento area, I also continue to forge onsite and phone coaching relationships with interested local business leaders. My clients and I decide the most appropriate delivery for the coaching experience – onsite, coffee shop, or phone/Skype.

If you have ever considered working with a coach, or are looking for an opportunity to grow and thrive both personally and professionally, please contact me today at 916-768-0072 to get started.


We began working with JRH coaching in 2011 and at the time were a growing and going company the problem was we didn’t know where or why. John’s unique background has equipped him to work with leaders professionally and personally understanding that true success is realized through mastery of two. PESI has enjoyed increased revenue, profits and more importantly a thriving culture which is at it’s foundation. ~Tom S.