Often along your journey, you’ll come across rough terrain: difficulties that make it hard to move forward. These challenges can be discouraging, and may make it seem like the flow of progress has been interrupted, and your path forward impeded.

Yet these trials and tests that you experience along your journey shouldn’t be discouraging. In fact, each challenge may be the experience you achieve to experience a truer and deeper breakthrough into the future you really desire.

 The Speed Bumps That Lead to a Smoother Ride

It is the trials that you go through on your journey that are most likely to trigger serious transformation as a person or company. It may be a trial of your patience, a test of your endurance, a challenge to your character, or something much more difficult. No matter what it may be, it is a challenge that has the potential to change your course for the better.

Without events that test and challenge us significantly, we would all be satisfied with the status quo. Few are motivated to create real change when things are going well, and simply improving on the status quo is not the same thing as “transformation” – a significant change that most people are looking for in their personal or professional lives.

When we come across a challenge, however:

  • We’re faced with the need to think critically.
  • We’re signaled that something needs to change.
  • We’re given an opportunity to make a major shift.

These tests and trials give us each the opportunity to slow down, dig deep, and reflect on ourselves as well, including our own reactions to those challenges and what our instinct says about the best response. These tests teach us about what’s behind our behaviors, and what solutions will provide us the most transformational change in the future. We are faced with examining our insecurities, hindering beliefs, and obsolete structures, and opening ourselves up to new growth.

Transformational Coaching for Tests and Trials

Within transformational coaching, we learn to look at each of these trials and tests as a chance to make these real breakthroughs. Strategies will include:

  • Learning to clearly understand what you are facing and its implications.
  • How to know and be secure with your team or relationships to face the trial.
  • Summoning the courage to change, and knowing what needs to be changed (belief, focus, etc.).
  • Understanding the mood or point of view you carry into situations.
  • Taking a deep breath, and then committing to that first step of clarity.

The idea behind transformational coaching is to transform. While the challenges you face along the way may sometimes feel disheartening, it is these challenges that can provide you with the best opportunity for very real change and growth, and in little time you’ll learn to embrace these tests in the future.