It All Starts with a Vision of Your Life and Leadership

homesidebarIf you’re trying to live a life filled with purpose and meaning you are no doubt being stretched beyond your limits and experience. I help leaders and executives who are in the middle of tremendous change meet that challenge successfully and In the process discover deeper levels of who they are, adapt new mindsets, motivations, skills and habits.

I help leaders find new direction, understand their inner process, navigate uncharted territory, release potential in others, and find breakthroughs. I help them develop their life and leadership through a variety of personal and professional services:

  • Personal Journey Coaching
  • Personal Performance Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Marriage Coaching (at work)
  • Business Coaching

All my coaching packages include some mix of on-site and phone/Skype 1 to 1 coaching and onsite work and I start with a personal consultation.

I direct my time between the North San Francisco Bay area, and the Sacramento area.

For those in Northern California who are ready to bring more vision and leadership to their work, and discover more about themselves in the process, please call me today at 916=768-0072.


“John is an excellent transformational coach. He asks thoughtful questions, yet challenges you to discover your true direction, motivation and ‘why’ in a safe environment. I’m surrounded with successful businesspeople and mentors in San Francisco, but trust John to deliver a fresh and purpose-driven perspective. I rarely give testimonials, but if you’re an entrepreneur looking for guidance and support grounded in decades of experience, you should talk to John. He is brilliant.”

~Alex M.

“John Houghton has successfully coached me to being the #1 real estate agent out of 1400 agents and 21 offices  and writing an inspirational book. But…that wasn’t the goal. The goal was to enjoy the journey along the way. And we keep meeting that goal as well. What I love about John’s coaching is he asks probing questions that draw out the wisdom already resident inside. I wholeheartedly recommend John Houghton and believe you will come to recognize his significance in your business and personal life as I did in mine and continue to do so six years later.”

~Rodney J.